The Fundació UAB

Management Team

The Management Team of the UAB Foundation is made up of the Deputy Executive Chair and the following directors:

  • Design, plan, organise and coordinate management tools for the planning and programming of teaching.
  • Assess, offer technical support and supervise the different agents involved in teaching planning and programming.
  • Ensure the correct functioning of teaching services and the conformity of the teaching staff to achieve maximum efficiency and transparency in the teaching programme.
  • Design, plan, organise and coordinate all academic management processes, from entry to the university and registration to the issue of certificates.
  • Assess and give offer technical support in the production of academic regulations for official teaching programmes.

Maria Espadalé, Teaching Services ManagerShort biography

Graduate in Political Science and Sociology (International Relations track) from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (1989), and holder of a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Communication from the Institute of Continuing Education of Pompeu Fabra University (2001) and a Master’s degree in University Direction and Management from the Foundation of the Universitat Politècnica de Cataluña (2005).
She has been working at the UAB since April 1997, where she has been responsible for audits of academic management and the ISO Quality System of the Libraries Services (until January 200) and Head of the Office for Institutional Coordination (February 200 – January 2009). Since November 2011 she has been the Centre Administrator for the Faculties of Arts and Humanities, and of Psychology. From June 2016 to October 2020 she was the Head of the Rector’s Office and since February 2021 she is the Executive Vice President of the UAB Foundation.

She has also worked as a documentalist, editor and trainer at the Foundation of the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) in the Centre for International Information and Documentation (1989-1993) and as Head of the UNESCO Centre of Catalonia (January 2009 – October 2011).

  • Draw up and implement the budget for the FUAB and carry out monitoring controls.
  • Coordinate and offer economic management support for the central services of the FUAB and the different institutions and companies.
  • Carry out accounting duties.
  • Manage the maintenance policies for the buildings and infrastructures on the campus, and for renovations and overhaul work.
  • Manage the concessionary companies for large- and small-scale maintenance, multi-technical work and specialist work.
  • Make proposals for and monitor actions aimed at energy saving.
  • Manage interventions assigned in the areas of the urbanisation of the campus.
Director: José Luis Albertos Montoya

José Luís Albertos MontoyaShort biography

José Luis Albertos Montoya holds a degree in Economics and Business from the UAB. His career has been based mostly at the UAB, where he arrived in 1985. Over that period he has held different management posts at the UAB and at the FUAB, all of them related to the areas of finance and activities management: Finance Manager (1987-1988), Internal Auditor (1989-1990), Head of Accounts (1990-1999), Head of Work Placement Programme Contracts and Head of Economic Studies for New Projects (1996-1999), Head of the Area of Economics and Finance (1999-2006), Director of Assets and Campus Services of the UAB Foundation and Director General of the University Village (2006-2015).

In February 2015 he was made Head of Economics and Finance and Assets of the UAB Foundation, the result of the unification of the sections Finance and Assets and Services.

  • Offer legal assessment to the entities of the FUAB to ensure their legal operation.
  • Plan the organisation of work, the remuneration structure, recruitment, selection, training, development, promotion and dismissal of the FUAB staff. 
  • Manage the administrative processes for FUAB staff.
  • Offer assessment and guidance to staff members and manage any conflicts in the workplace.
  • Coordinate the action of the governing bodies in the different institutions of the FUAB. 
  • Carry out the functions of secretary for the governing bodies of the different institutions and write and file the minutes, certifying the decisions taken. 
  • Organise and manage the administrative processes of the staff.
  • Produce studies and projects related to human resources planning.
  • Manage the payroll.
  • Advise governing bodies on questions related to human resources management and the applicable legal framework.
  • Organise and control the tools for guaranteeing management of risk prevention.
  • Control and monitor the conformity of the different institutions to the prevailing legislation on the protection of personal data. 

Director: Maria Rosa Català Fernández

Short biography

Holder of a Degree in Law from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, she also has a postgraduate diploma in Public Administration from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya; a Master’s degree in Catalan Law from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; and an MBA in the Management of Information Society Companies, also from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

She joined the UAB in February 1989 as a lawyer in the Legal Department, and she was Head of the Office for Institutional Coordination since its creation in October 1990 until October 1999, when she joined the UAB Foundation. From November 1999 she was Director of Legal Affairs and Human Resources of the foundation.

She has worked at the National Employment Institute (INEM) as a teaching expert (1985-1986); at the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia (1986-1988), in the Contracting and Assets Service of the General Director’s office for School Architecture and Investment; and at the Institute of Building Technology of Catalonia, as a legal advisor for the ITEC-UPC Technical management and Support Programme, which was created to manage new building works on the north campus of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, between 1988 and 1989.