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Environmental policies

Environment Policy

Our commitment to our clients and the environment

The University Village has been pioneering in the area of public universities in Spain for the implementation of certified quality assurance systems and environmental management. In 1998 it obtained quality assurance certificate ISO 9002 1998, and in 2003 environmental management certificate ISO 14001.

University Village: commitment to residents and to the campus and the surrounding region

As a result of the implementation of the ISO 9002 1998, all the processes at the University Village are under constant evaluation to find means of improving them, and thereby offering greater user-satisfaction.
Client satisfaction and continual improvement are the pillars upholding the entire system of quality and environment. To continue working in this direction, the management system is based on:

ANALYSIS. Periodical analysis of indicators allow us to update both the actions aimed at the satisfaction of our residents and those which affect the environment.

OBJECTIVES. The annual objectives are for continual improvement and to offer satisfaction to the 4 stakeholders of the organisation:

  • Residents
  • Partner institutions
  • Environment
  • Human team

LEGISLATION. The University Village is obliged to comply with the prevailing legislation and regulations that apply to the environment.

CERTIFICATION. All of our human team has access to the documents deriving from the implementation of certifications and they are to be complied with obligatorily.

COLLABORATION BY RESIDENTS. The residents are the most important part of the University Village but their daily lives are the cause of waste generation. Their collaboration is therefore necessary to optimise waste management and achieve the objectives set out for the environment. Their involvement is also necessary if we are to improve the services we offer. The University Village makes use of all possible avenues to ensure the collaboration and involvement of its residents.

Shops and services

Subcontractors are also participants in the policies for quality and the environment at the University Village. They are subject to evaluations using indicators of quality and their participation is guaranteed through public contracts and tenders for services.