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Vila Universitària

Vila Universitaria. UAB University

The Vila Universitària is the residential complex for students situated on the UAB campus, with a capacity to house 2,200 people in 600 apartments. Of all the students resident there, 700 are from other countries from around the world. 

Among the international students on the Bachelor’s degrees, more than 120 came from European countries in the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 academic years, mainly from Italy, France and Germany. 
In the Americas, Mexico and the United States send most students and the figures for the last two years have been between 30 and 40. 
A total of 77 students came from Asia, with a distinct increase in numbers from japan and South Korea. Compared with previous years the number of students from Asia has increased by 8.5%. 
The main type of student living in the Vila Universitària are Master’s, postgraduate and PhD students at the UAB, with a total of 750 graduate students. This figure has evolved considerably over the years: over the last 4 years the number of international graduates has risen by 500, of which 200 are American and 200 Asian. This means a 100 increase in international residents.
Of the total, 35% are from European counties (some 250 students), mainly Spain and the rest from Italy, Turkey and Germany. 
Of the students from Asia and America, who represent approximately 60% of Master’s degree, postgraduate and PhD students, 30% are from Latin American countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia, while Asian students are generally from China, Iran and India.
It should also be said that 3% of graduates are from African countries, mainly Egypt and Morocco. Finally, an average of 5 Bachelor or Master’s degree, postgraduate or PhD students from Australia have opted from accommodation at the University Village. 
In the last 4 year the Vila Universitària has accommodated residents of over 85 nationalities from all continents, making it a true global village.