The Fundació UAB

Corporació UAB in figures

The institutions and bodies that make up the UAB Foundation carried out a great range of tasks in the areas of training, social action, research and knowledge transfer, provision of services and the conservation and maintenance of the university’s assets.

Below are some of the most significant figures for those activities.

153 conferences organised on and off the UAB campus during 2016-2018

59 feature films, shorts, commercials and videoclips shot on UAB venues in Bellaterra and Barcelona   

279 activities of all kinds including conferences, different events, courses and presentations took place in 2016

26 meeting rooms and the Main Hall with a capacity of  200

At the time it was built (1923 – 1930) the construction cost 1.750.000 pesetas, which resulted from the sale of the old Casa Convalascència in the carrer del Carme, dating back to the fifteenth century 

1997: Sant Pau Campus was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

24% of students come from abroad and/or have taken studies abroad (2017-2018)
90% of graduates have been offered a job at the company in which they had their internship (2017-2018)

86% of graduates work in companies of the International Trade sector (2017-2018)

33% of graduates pursue further studies (2017-2018)

1343 graduates of Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and diploma-holders in UAB courses and CPD in 2016-17

95% employment success for graduates in Risk Prevention and Occupational Safety

93% employment success for Master’s degree holders

470 official and UAB degrees obtained between 2013 and 2018

672 students of ongoing academic programmes between 2014 and 2018

853 Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree students in 2017-18

90% employment success for Tourism graduates according to a survey conducted by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU), the highest figure of all the universities that took part and published their results

200,000 Alumni UAB

More than 130,000 Alumni UAB profiles in LinkedIn

2531 beneficiaries of services

421 volunteers within the UAB's community

Actions in: 43 different municipalities

38 active projects with external research funding and consultancy for different areas of activity: risk prevention and promotion of good health, geriatrics and long-term care, and management of university resources

4 research groups

1 coordination project with funding from the European Commission as part of its Horizon 2020 programme

20 projects started between 2016 and 2019

More than 11.000 beneficiaries between Gambia and Spain

Actions in 4 African countries (Gambia, Kenya, Tanzania and Senegal)

Increasing of the 10% in animal checkings in the last 3 years, with 21.858 animals visited in total during 2016

83 veterinaries from all disciplines, from whom there are diplomats of 12 especializations

36 cientific papers publicated in specialised magazines

More than 200 assistants in organizated visits to get closer veterinary into society

260 veterinarians from 19 different nationalities have joined the Hospital for refresher stays

162 tailored programmes for groups of foreign universities and education agencies during the period 2015-2019

Students of  47 nationalities during the period 2015-2019

10.697 students during the academic courses 2015-2016 and 2018-2019

Students from more than 800 international universities have participate in a Study Abroad programme during the period 2015-2019

3456 students in total in all modes of study in 2017-2018

217 students in 2017-2018 on English for Seniors - a category in which UAB Idiomes Barcelona is a leader

1950 international students in 2017-2018 

376 students in the In-Company courses.

894 international postgraduate students from 48 countries from 2015-2018

96% average occupation in 2018

51.900 has resided in the University Village since its creation