Disability and specific educational needs

About the PIUNE


The disability and specific educational needs support service (SEN), PIUNE, works to guarantee that every person, independent of their disability or SEN can access higher education with equality of opportunity and enjoy a full academic and social life and autonomy at university like the rest of their peers.

We carry out actions to facilitate both support for academic progress and success through tutorial actions and promote employment opportunities for students, taking advantage of the synergies with the university community.

We attend students with physical, visual, auditive and multiple disabilities and those with leaning or mental disorders.

Areas of work:

  • Pedagogical unit: educational needs assessment, tutorials and individual monitoring. Mediation with teaching staff.
  • Technological unit: educational resources which enable classes to be followed.
  • Mobility: adapted transport and accompaniment on foot on the campus.
  • Employment and careers guidance: UABImpuls programme facilitating entry into the labour market.


  • Personal autonomy for students with disabilities understood as the capacity to control, face and make personal decisions about their lives in accordance with their individual preferences.
  • Standardisation – the principle by which people with disabilities can live a normal life, gaining access to the same places, ambits and services that are available to any other person.
  • Equity in policies of intervention and actions aimed at guaranteeing the equality of students with disabilities with the rest of the students at the university.
  • Participation of all UAB agents and services in complying with policies for equality – governing team, teaching staff, administrative and services staff and students.
  • Co-responsibility of students with disabilities for the achievement of their academic objectives.

Download the PIUNE information leaflet (Available in Catalan)