The Fundació UAB

Hospital Clínic Veterinari

The Fundació Hospital Clínic Veterinari has a staff of more than 70 qualified vets, 21 of which hold international diplomas in specialisations. It is the biggest veterinary clinic in Spain with specialists and one of the main centres in Europe to offer a comprehensive range of medical services to its patients in a single centre.

European Doctorates

This is a 4-year course taken after graduating with a residential programme of 3 years under the supervision of a European organisation followed by a specific set of exams.

Currently the Hospital Clínic Veterinari has 10 specialist areas and offers residential programmes for the European diploma, which currently has 18 students.

On obtaining the certificate of a European or American college in their specialist area these vets are considered to be unique specialists in their field. The diploma holders receive continuing training and are considered pioneers in the application of innovative techniques in their specialist area.

The total number of residents who have trained at the HCV and then obtained the specialist European or American certificate is 33.


One of the foundation of the mission of the Hospital Clínic Veterinari is to offer teaching support to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the UAB, but also to offer a series of training opportunities to all professional and future vets. The hospital also taken in international students in veterinary medicine and work placement through the Erasmus+ Programme.

The foundation is a pioneer in the creation of internships, official 3-year residence programmes and courses for training veterinary technicians following the British/US model.

To date, more than 300 professionals have benefitted from this experience at the premises of the HCV, of which 120 were from other European countries.

Students at the hospital have come from 21 different countries, mainly Italy, Portugal, Mexico. Argentina and the USA.

To find out more about the courses and training offered at the HCV, you can visit this link.