Higher Vocational Training Qualification

Cancellations and modifications

Cancellation and refund of tuition fees

The center's management authorizes the total or partial cancellation of enrollment, provided that the request is submitted within the fixed period from July to October.

Outside this period, cancellation requests will only be accepted due to major illness, accident or any other exceptional circumstance, duly justified, that prevents the student from following the normal course.

For cancellation requests submitted within 30 days of enrolment and approved by the Centre, 35% of  total tuition  fees will be retained to cover administrative costs.

For cancellation requests outside this period and approved by the Centre, 35% of the total amount of the tuition  fees, plus the proportion of the total tuition fees corresponding to the period of the course that has elapsed,  will be retained.

The refund of 100% of the registration fee is only possible if the cancellation is due to causes attributable to the center.

Start procedure

Enrollment cancellation with installment payments

In the event that the student who is a dropout has pending payment of tuition, the student must pay the amount of the debt contracted with the school. Otherwise, the student will have an economic default with all its consequences.