Higher Vocational Training Qualification

Continuity of studies

On completing a Higher Vocational Diploma student obtain the oficial Higher Diploma Certificate and may go on to study for:

• Another higher diploma.
• Any official university Bachelor’s degree. To access these courses you do not need to take the university entrance exams (PAU) For more information about the PAU.

See the list of university Bachelor’s degrees  offered by the UAB.

The following Bachelor’s degrees are offered at the UAB with recognition of credits from the Higher Diploma in International Trade:

Higher Diploma Courses: UAB Bachelor's degree with credit recognition: Credits recognised:
International Trade Electrical Engineering 24 credits
  Automation and Industrial Electronic Engineering 24 credits
  Mechanical Engineering 24 credits
  Engineering in Industrial Organization 42 credits
  Applied Statistics 6 credits
  Tourism 27 credits
  Hotel Management 30 credits

For more information about what to study in Catalan universities go to this link.