Higher Vocational Training Qualification

Homolgation of documents for accessing the programme

If you have studied abroad and want to gain admission a higher vocational education cycle, you must validate your foreign studies. To prove that you have started the official recognition process, you must present a valid conditional registration form, a document confirming that you have requested the recognition or validation of your studies and that the process is ongoing. Remember that the referral note is valid for one academic year.

Registration will be subject to the positive outcome of the application for official recognition.

Stages in the validation process for foreign studies
Infografia de fases del procés d'homologació per accedir a CFGS
  • Stage 1: Submit the electronic application (not equivalent to proof of recognition process).
  • Stage 2: Make the fees payment, where applicable.
  • Stage 3: Submit the original academic documents to an official registry office (valid as proof of recognition process). At this stage, the recognition process begins.
  • Stage 4: Requirements: You may receive requests from Administration to complete the application data. At this point the process is pending.
  • Stage 5: Credentials: you will receive the final official recognition or validation credentials. This is the proof that accredits you as a student for our courses.