Specific Programmes for International Students

Tourism Specific programmes

Asmission requirements:

To be established by the institution when selecting students for the programme


Oncampus facilities of the Escola de Turisme i Direcció Hotelera de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona or in an online environment when deemed necessary.

Degree obtained:

Assistance/Achievement Certificate

Number of students:

Up to 25-30 onsite.    
Up to 35-40 online/blended.

Teaching modes: Onsite, Blended, Online



  Onsite Blended/online
Up to 15 students 3.300,00€  2.700,00€
Up to 20 students 3.750,00€ 3.300,00€ 
Up to 25 students 4.125,00€ 3.750,00€
From 30 students To be determined


Onsite Blended Online
Programme coordination
Accredited, specialised teaching staff
30 hours onsite teaching, with foundations case overview, analyses and application of new methodologies.

15 hours onsite teaching.

Synchronous teaching 1,5 ECTS, with 3-4 connexions and webinars (6-9 synchronous hours)

Synchronous teaching 3 ECTS, with 6-9 connexions and webinars (12-18 synchronous hours)
Foundations case overview, analyses (integrated in the teaching hours in the onsite mode)
Online Moodle classrooms (37 work hours per student)
Advising and follow-up of assignments (all teaching modes) 
Practical visits and/or  activities relevant for the programme (if so established), included with the price.  Possibility of having onsite lectures and/or practical visits relevant for the programme. Not included in the price. 

One of the great current challenges faced by tourism companies is their adaptation to new trends from digital transformation. This workshop provides students with new skills and high-impact strategic techniques in this field.

  • Language: English/ Spanish
  • Length: 15 days/ 3 ECTS

A course aimed to bring knowledge about new technologies and digital tools in marketing and commercialisation, such as implementation of social networks and tourist applications, and search engine optimisation.

  • Language: English/ Spanish
  • Length: 15 days/ 3 ECTS

This course aims for students to acquire knowledge about the necessary tools and specific actions for strategic company management, such as project developing and clear objective planning.

  • Language: English/ Spanish
  • Length: 15 days/ 3 ECTS

A course focused in the implementation of Revenue Management and Yield Management techniques as company policies. The content includes price related strategies such as policies and calculation, pricing (static and dynamic), rate mix, and preparation of prices (individual and for groups). Another key element of the syllabus is online distribution: management of sales channels, the channel manager, and strategies like dumping.

  • Language: English/ Spanish
  • Length: 15 days/ 3 ECTS

The syllabus aims to give insight to improve sales at any hotel department. Includes marketing and sales techniques such as market segmentation, price application tactics (high demand, low demand, coherence, Yield / RM factor, elements of analysis and benchmarking) and forecasts (pick up, up-selling, cross-selling).

  • Language: English/ Spanish
  • Length: 15 days/ 3 ECTS

This course provides knowledge for helping improve the sustainability performance of tourism companies through sensitising management and workforce about good sustainable tourism practices and its application in better networking skills. 

  • Language: English/ Spanish
  • Length: 15 days/ 3 ECTS