Specific Programmes for International Students

Summer Programme 2023

Spring 2021 Semester Study Abroad UAB

Summer 2023 Pre-Established Programme

  • 6 weeks in the bright city of Barcelona, in a World Heritage Campus, with a selection of subjects from diverse study areas. A unique opportunity for international students.
  • Choose from 1 to 3 elective courses (6-18 ECTS) taught in English or Spanish. (*)
  • Take a Spanish Language course (beginner to advanced level, and specialist courses).
  • Credits completely transferable to the student’s home university.
  • Enrolment open from February 23rd 2023.
  • NEW: combine May and Summer programmes for a 9-week programme of 12-24 ECTS.
  • More information about the Pre-Established Programmes

Summer 2023

  • First day: 2nd June
  • Last day: 13th July

Enrolment period: from February 13th to May 4th 2023.

We are now registering students in the following modalities:

  • Face to Face classes and activities are the base of the programme. Students who are in Barcelona attend classes at the UAB World Heritage Campus in central Barcelona complemented by our online platform.


  • register knowing that the programme is guaranteed
  • have solutions ready to avoid interruptions to their studies
  • know they will start and finish the programme in any circumstances.

  • UAB operates comprehensive COVID-19 protocols in all activities.