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Dilluns, 20 Setembre 2021


ICMAB TechTransfer Seminar: European Ecosystem of research and tech transfer

Recerca - ICMAB-Sala d'Actes Carles Miravitlles i en línia


European Ecosystem of research and tech transfer by Esther Hurtós, Eurecat



  • EU funding programmes for R&I: the framework programmes.
  • The new framework programe: Horizon Europe. Where the money comes from. Who can participate.
  • R&I funding programmes as tools for implementing the EC policy goals
  • Workprogrammes – the call documents. An example from Pilar 2 Cluster 4.

Subjects relevants to Technology Transfer

  • Going beyond the scientific excellence: What’s behind the topic text, cross-cutting issues, impact, contribution to policy goals.
  • How to be an influencer: via the Member States, via technology platforms and associations. The voice of many. Reach a broad consensus and you will be listened.
  • The participants ecosystem. What are the typical roles and interests in the R&I projects for the different organisation types? Academia, applied research institutions, consultants, SMEs, large industries, civil associations.
  • Innovation and technology transfer opportunities. 

Objective of the session:

To learn how the calls for proposals are made, how the lobbies work, and how they influence companies, researchers, and countries.


All types of researhcers might be interested: from PhD fellows and Postdoctoral researchers, to Senior Reserachers. 

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Ubicació: ICMAB-Sala d'Actes Carles Miravitlles i en línia

Data: Dilluns 20, Setembre de 2021 - 12:00h

Organitzador: ICMAB-CSIC