UAB loan service

The loan service allows to borrow library documents for a certain period of time to all members of the university and other entitled persons.

To use this service you must hold a UAB Card or another document indicating your entitlement to borrow items.

The documents can be picked up from any UAB library either by contacting the loans desk staff or by using the self-loan machine, and can be returned to any UAB library (except for weekend-only documents, which must be returned to the lending library).

Please check: Procediments del Servei de préstec de les Biblioteques UAB

Check at the library Search engine ( UAB Searcher) for document availability and location.

Usually it is not allowed to borrow the following type of items: reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias), periodical publications (newspapers and journals), thesis and unpublished materials, high demand books or recommended bibliography items.

The number of items you can borrow depends on the user type:

Member Total items Loan period
Undergraduate 10 7 / 14 / 21 days
Postgraduate students 20 7 / 14 / 28 days
Sphere / UAB Research Park 16 7 / 14 / 28 days
Academic and research staff 40 7 / 14 days / 1 academic course
University staff 10 7 / 14 / 28 days
Amics UAB / Alumni entitled to use the Library  10 7 / 14 / 28 days
Others (Agreements, Programa Argó...) 8 7 / 14 / 21 days


To ensure the smooth running of the service you will need to keep to the deadlines for returning or renewing the borrowed items. You will receive an e-mail some days beforehand to remind you of the deadline.

You can return the borrowed items to any UAB library or deposit them in the book returning boxes you will find in some of the libraries.

The borrowed items can be renewed before the loan deadline is due either online from  My Account , at the loans desk, by phone or using the self-loan machines.

In order to access  My Account and manage the loaning options you must log in at the library Search engine using your UAB identifiers: NIU and password.

In the “Loans” section at  My Account you will be able to see all your borrowed items, including the due date, the maximum renewal date and the availability of a document to be renewed.

You are allowed to renew the items provided they are not reserved by another user, the return deadline is not due, you are within the maximum renewal date and you do not have any penalty in your loan card.

To reserve a library document you must log in at the Search engine using your UAB identifiers: NIU and password. You can reserve any document with the status Available or Borrowed (provided it is not a weekend-only document).

When you find the document you would like to reserve, go to the menu option “Request”. Select the library where you would like to pick up the document in the reservation form and click “Submit request”. 

When the document is ready to pick up at the requested location you will receive an e-mail notification indicating the deadline to pick it up and reminding you the library selected to do so.

You also can reserve restricted access documents in order to consult them at the proprietary library. The procedure is similar: the user must locate the document of interest and send the request selecting “Reserve at the library”. The form does not allow to choose a pick up location because the document is a restricted access one and it must be consulted at the reading room of the proprietary library only.

If you wish to cancel a reservation, you can do it either online from My Account or contacting your library.


From the My Account  section at the Search engine you will be able to check and manage your loan activity. To access My Account   you must be logged in at the Search engine using your UAB identifiers: NIU and password.

The different menu options available will allow you to access the following information:

- Library card/Personal data: basic information related to your personal data. You will also be able to choose your preferred language (Catalan, Spanish or English).

- My loans/Loans:

  • Information about your current loans (which documents you have borrowed, the initial borrowing date, the returning deadline and the maximum renewal date)
  • Previous loans history: a list including all the material borrowed over time (it might be useful in order to generate citations)
  • Renewal: a button to renew the loan

- My reservations/Reservations: information about your documents/spaces reservations (reservation date and pick up location selected). You will also be able to check the status of a purchase request in case you have submitted any. 

- Favorites: when you use the Search engine, you can mark results as favorites and you will be able to retrieve the information in this section. You will also be able to consult past saved searches (“Saved searches”) and set alerts about a search of interest in order to receive e-mail updates.

- Search history: you will be able to consult your searches from the beginning of the session. When you log out, this history will not be saved.

- Sanctions and warnings: if you have been sanctioned for exceeding a loan deadline, you will be able to consult the corresponding sanction and its duration.

You can return the borrowed items to any UAB library during the opening hours or deposit them in the book returning boxes:

  • Mailbox at the Humanities Library
  • Mailbox at the Science and Technology Library
  • Mailbox at the Social Sciences Library
  • Mailbox at the Communication Library
  • Mailbox at the Medicine Library
  • Mailbox at the Veterinary Library
  • Mailbox at the Sabadell University Library
  • Mailbox at the School of Engineering

The delay in an item return will mean you will not be entitled to borrow documents for the same amount of days late, except for weekend-only documents, in which case the sanction is four days for each day late.

These rules apply to each document returned late, not including holidays or weekends.

In the event of loss or deterioration of a loaned document, the user will have to replace or pay for the damaged or lost item.

Please check for more information about the loan service at: