Consortial borrowing (PUC)

The PUC or consortial borrowing service is a free service that allows users from any consortiated library borrowing items from any other consortiated library.

University libraries participating in the PUC are UB, UAB, UPC, UPF, UdG, UdL, URV, UOC, URL, UVic-UCC, TecnoCampus and the Biblioteca de Catalunya.

Users can request items directly through the UAB Searcher or in situ at the library that owns the documents.

You can borrow all items available at the Search engine CCUC/PUC section. The consortium institutions may exclude some of their items for their users exclusive use.

To request the PUC service through your library account you must be logged in at the Search engine using your UAB identifiers: NIU and password.

When you find the item you would like to reserve, go to the menu option “Request” and select “Request by PUC”.

You will not be allowed to request PUC documents if you have any penalty in your loan card or you have passed the expiration date of any borrowed item. In this case, you will not be able to see the “Request by PUC” button at the Search engine.

You must select a pick up library in the PUC request form before submitting the request.

User type Total items Loan period Total renovations
UAB Sphere
Amics /Alumni UAB
Postgraduate students
Academic and research staff
University staff
10 21 6

The PUC items can only be renewed online at My account. From My account you will check the borrowed documents from each university, the return deadline date, the loan date, the maximum renewal date and the possibility to renew it or not.

To renew a PUC loan through your library account you must be logged in at the Search engine using your UAB identifiers: NIU and password.

You are allowed to renew the items provided they are not reserved by another user, the return deadline is not due, you are within the maximum renewal date and you do not have any penalty in your loan card or borrowed items pending of returning.

If you have any question about renewal at My account, please contact your reference UAB library.

You can return the borrowed items to any UAB library during the opening hours or deposit them in the book returning boxes. You can also return the items to any library from the proprietary institution.

The delay in a document return will mean you will not be entitled to borrow documents for the same number of days late. These rules apply to each document returned late, not including holidays or weekends. 

In the event of loss or deterioration of a loaned item, the user will have to replace or pay for the damaged or lost item according to what is established by CSUC.