European Union documentation

Documentació de la Unió Europea

The European Documentation Centre (EDC) includes in its collection 9.790 monographs and 893 journals references.

As a depository library for the official publications of the European Union (EU), and as established by the agreement signed between the European Commission and UAB, its collection is mainly composed of materials produced by the European institutions and its agencies.

Nowadays, the EU is promoting its online bookshop (whose digital publications are usually free of charge), thus sending less printed documentation to EDCs. Despite this, the EDC continues to disseminate bibliographic novelties of the EU, since they are incorporated regularly in the monthly newsletter.

Complementary to official sources, the EDC also acquires other kinds of documents specialized in European subjects, which belong to entities outside the European institutions. These materials are acquired through:

  • Purchase of monographs recommended by teaching staff.
  • Donations from specialized research centres from all over the EU.
  • Personal donations.
The EDC also produces two autonomous digital collections:
  • Quaderns de síntesi (2014- ). They contain academic works written by students who perform an internship at the EDC. The collection started in the academic year 2013-2014 and it is available at the UAB Digital Repository of Documents.
  • Quaderns de Recerca (Bellaterra) (2011- ). This is a selection of research investigations realised by students of the MA course in European Integration at UAB. The collection started in the academic year 2010-2011 and it is available at the Catalan RecerCAT depository system.