Political documentation


The Documentation Centre on Communication (CEDOC) gathers about 36,000 documents consisting of catalogued books, brochures, posters, political stickers and more than 9,950 periodical collections. It is a collection for the analysis of the contemporary political situation in Catalonia and Spain. It contains material from more than 300 political parties, unions, youth movements, neighbourhood associations, NGOs, municipal organizations and various civic organizations and social movements. The Center has documents of election campaigns (local, regional, general and elections to the European Parliament) and referendums.

Two documental typologies stand out in this collection: periodical publications and posters, both digitized and searchable in the DDD in open access:

  • Regarding the periodicals, It is worth mentioning the Catalan political press collection, basically from the Franco era and from the 60s / 70s. An important part of these holdings is constituted by the Viladot collection, formed by the press and anti-Franco documentation that Albert Viladot gathered and his widow donated to the UAB in 1993.
  • The political posters collection mainly reflects the political activity of the years of the Spanish democratic transition. The  collection includes political campaign advertising  (general, regional and local elections),  and advertising of political parties, unions and civil society organizations.

Posters of the Spanish Civil War is a referential database that aims to be a collective catalog of posters of the Republic and the Spanish Civil War, and at the same time a tool to facilitate the task of researchers. The collections gathered are from both public centers and private collections.