The UAB libraries contribute to the achievement of the university community’s goals by providing services with added value and information of the highest quality, both in digital environments and in physical spaces, which facilitate learning, research and co‐creation.


The UAB libraries are a necessary partner for the generation of knowledge within the research and learning ecosystem. We provide a digital and physical environment that promotes cooperation between the different actors in the university community and facilitates the transfer of this knowledge to society.


The central axes of our activities are:

  • User focus: fulfilling the needs and expectations of our users is the focal point of our activities.
  • Continuous improvement: we pursue excellence through teamwork, library cooperation, innovation and the constant search for improved efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Responsibility and social engagement: we act in accordance with ethics and institutional integrity and we strive to ensure maximum respect for diversity, inclusion and sustainability in all our operations.

To support the study, teaching, research, and transfer of knowledge in the social and cultural fields, the libraries of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona have a large amount of documentary resources and other materials and qualified staff.

The management of the UAB Library Service is carried out by the Direction, by the heads of the Technical and Projects Unit and the various libraries and by the coordinators of the transversal processes.

Users are represented in the General Library Service Users Commission and, in addition, each library has a commission of own users.

We regularly monitor the quality indicators and we undergo audits and internal and external controls.

We are open and committed to serving our users, listening to them and taking into account their demands, suggestions, criticisms and congratulations.

Núria Casaldàliga i Rojas
Library Service Director


This publication shows the strategic guidelines of the plan and the achievement of the objectives that are framed in it

Annual report of the proceedings of the UAB Library Service since 1987.

Publication that collects the most significant data published in the Memòria (Report) and at the same time a general balance of the year is made. You can also check the first stage (Actuacions 2008-2018)