Sustainability in UAB libraries

Libraries have always played an active role in supporting development, social integration and are a key factor on building strong communities. Enhancing the accessibility of information, technology and knowledge in the 2030 agenda as necessary elements for sustainable development comes from the 2014 Lyon Declaration of the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA).

More recently, the libraries of CSUC consortium published a joint manifesto to show the need to accelerate the digital transformation of higher education with the commitment to work together on 10 strategic projects, one of which is to “align and adapt library projects, objectives and actions in the SDGs of universities derived from the 2030 Agenda” 
The UAB also has a long history in the field of sustainable development. Since 1999 several sustainability plans have been developed. The Healthy and Sustainable Campus Plan (2018-2022) is currently in place. 
In recent years, the Library Service has participated in various initiatives to contribute to the improvement of the environmental management of buildings, as well as being part of working groups on sustainability, equality and social integration. 
The sustainability of UAB libraries stems from the background above-mentioned and relates the 6 axes of our Strategic Plan 2018-2022, with 14 actions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 12 actions of the Healthy and Sustainable Campus Plan to which it contributes. 
From this first approach, compliance will be monitored annually and the improvements to be implemented will be determined.