Donations and exchange

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has important collections in some subjects thanks to several donations. The UAB acknowledges and recognizes the great importance donations have had in building its library collections.

In the same way, UAB libraries encourage the exchange of publications published by our university with documents from other institutions.

Criteria for adding materials refer to physical condition and relevance to collection policies. Donations falling within the following categories will not be accepted nor added to the library’s collection.   
  • Duplicate copies of items already in the UAB collection when the number of loans or their physical condition does not justify holding more copies.
  • Documents that are already included in the the CCUC collection.
  • Documents in poor physical condition.
  • Documents that are not adequate for academic libraries.
  • Documents that cover subjects not dealt with by the University.
  • Documents whose content is obsolete and has been superseded by subsequent publications.
  • Documents in obsolete formats (VHS, beta, floppy disk, vinyl records, etc.).
  • Works that are not complete or do not contribute to complete UAB collections.
  • Unpublished documents (theses, papers, photocopies).
  • Press literature.
  • Serials that are incomplete or do not contribute to complete UAB collections.
  • Documents that can be accessed in unrestricted electronic format.

Donations form

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Libraries make a selection of those documents that meet the general criteria of acceptance of donations, taking also into account what each library considers convenient for its collection.

The library undertakes the technical and physical processing of the donated items that will be added to its collection. Donated items can be identified through the search engine and are subject to the same usage and loan conditions as any other document in the Library.

The Library Service would like to acknowledge and thank those people and entities that contribute to the growth of its collection.  It is possible to display the donor’s name in the catalog for donated books.

For non accepted items donors can specify if they want to retrieve them or you leave it to the library to decide what to do with those items. If the donor chooses the second, the library reserves the right to dispose of those items.

Usually, these items are offered to library users in the "1 book, 1 €" initiative that the Library Service holds twice a year. Money raised goes to the acquisition of documents needed for teaching and research and the improvement of library services.

Obsolete or damaged documents are definitively discarded.

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