Statistic resources

Fotografia de la Unitat d'Estadístiques

The Statistics Unit is a section specialised in statistical sources on a variety of subjects : economics, finances, demographics, health, culture, environment, tourism, agriculture, etc. The unit is located in a space set apart on the 0 floor of the Social Sciences Library, next to the Journals Area and the Library storage.

The collection includes:

  • Periodical publications and monographs with statistical data on paper, microform and digital media: they are arranged on the shelf according to the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC)
  • Annual reports of companies, banks and savings banks in paper and digital format: Company reports are ordered according to their economic activity, following the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification). The financial  institutions are organised following a correlative number. This special collection is complemented with the collection of business documentation at DDD.
  • Databases: some with local access and most online

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