Scanning requests (academic staff)

Who can use the service: academic or research staff with cost center assignment.

What can be requested: UAB libraries documents: periodical article, book chapters not available in a digital format, in accordance with the current intellectual property regulations.

What can't be requested: items available in electronic format,  reserve collections or entire monographic journals.

Request process:
  • Go to the form and fill in the sections “Dades del sol·licitant” with your personal information and “Dades del document” with information about the documents.
  • Send the form to the library where the document is. Yo will see in the screen the information and number of your request.
  • You will receive an email with all your information request.
How to retrieve your scanned document:
  • You will receive scanned documents by email within 24-48h.
  • First page: 0.348 euros
  • Following pages: 0.05 euros per page