Open Access Data

We can consider that data are open when we can access them for free and we can reuse them for other researches.

Open Access Data into Horizon Europe Program

Horizon EuropeRecipients of a Horizon Europe grant will have to:


  • Manage research data responsibly in accordance with the FAIR principles.
  • Prepare a Data Management Plan (PDG) and update it periodically.
  • Deposit the data, as soon as possible, in a trusted repository (if the call so establishes it, the repository will have to be federated to the EOSC - European Open Science Cloud- or meet its requirements). 
  • Publish the data under CC-BY or CC-0 or another license with equivalent rights following the principle "as open as possible and as closed as necessary".
  • Provide information to the repository about the research results and any other tools necessary to validate the data.
  • Open research data metadata with CC-0 or equivalent.

Open Access Data into H2020 program
H2020 programThe European program for funding research Horizon 2020 establishes that, from 2017 January 1st on, every research group and centre beneficiary of a H2020 grant must create a Data Management Plan according to the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). Beneficiaries of H2020 grants must publish their research data openly, by default.

Data Management Plan

Data Management PlanData Management Plan or DMP is a document that describes which data are been collected or produced along a project’s lifetime and explain the strategies used to manage them during the project execution and after its end.
Program H2020 requires the persons in charge of the projects to do a Data Management Plan. The first version of this plan must be delivered into the first six months of the project.
The Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya (CSUC), has developed a tool, called Pla de Gestió de Dades de Recerca, to create these plans. Access to the tool, to an infographic


and tutorial about it. You can too publish it into the DDD.
The CSUC research working group has developed a guide "Guide to develop a data management plan for doctoral students" [in catalan]

DDD: a repository for open access research data

Dipòsit Digital de Documents (DDD)The UAB Open Access Policy for research data ( approved, on March 11, by the UAB Governing Council) and the Open Publication of research data from UAB research projects [in catalan] (prepared by the Library Service, Computing Service and Research Management Area. May 2020) have foreseen that the final data of projects financed with public funds will be deposited in the UAB Digital Documents Dipòsit (DDD). UAB members with an ORCID it can deposit for free research datasets until 25GB in any format and with a CC0 license, preferably. Check all the conditions in this document, which compares multidisciplinary repositories for open data. Contact for special cases.
For a complete list of repositories in the world, enter in
You can consult the CSUC recommendations to choose a research data repository (document in catalan).

More information

Bones pràctiques en gestió de dades de recerca [in catalan]

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