Rare Books collection

Documents del Fons de Reserva UAB

Located mainly at the Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives, the reserve section gathers an antique document collection of diverse topics published between the 16th and 20th centuries.

Some of the most important sections are:

  • History of Law  Reserve Colection . Collection of documents published from 1564-1817 on Law, mainly acquired by the Department of Public Law and Historical and Legal Sciences.
  • Marca magazine collection and Monés magazine collection. Collection of periodical publications on art and literature, mainly Catalan, from the period between the end of the nineteenth century and up to the Civil War.
  • Marca booklets. Catalogues from exhibitions and books on Catalan art.
  • Valera Collection. Factitious collection of books belonging to author Juan Valera.
  • Radio Barcelona scripts. Collection of scripts of all the daily programming of Radio Barcelona from 1925 to 1945. Available in open access through DDD.

The documents of the reserve are not open access but they can be requested from the UAB Search Engine.