Oral presentation

During your life it’s likely that you should prepare oral presentations about your academic or research workFinal Degree Work (FDW), master's thesis, dissertation...). 

We recommend you some resources with useful advice for giving your oral presentations. 

Resources to prepare oral presentations

  • Oral Presentations, a web page elaborated by the Learning Lab of the RMIT University (Australia).
  • Oralitat. Educational web portal from the University of Barcelona (UB) and Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), designed to enhance the learning of public speaking skills. The project has the support of the Department of Education, the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP) and the RecerCaixa program. 19 experts have participated in it to explain how effective communication techniques work in an educational and transmedia format.
  • Oratoria actual. Audiovisual teaching material consisting of 25 videos and an  explanatory guide on how to speak in public. Prepared by Carme de-la-Mota Gorriz, professor of the Department of Spanish Philology at the UAB, the aim of these materials is to improve "oral communicative competence and, specifically, the ability to explain and defend a topic in public in a clear, reasoned, coherent, appropriate and attractive way, also taking into account the use of the voice and the management of emotions". In Spanish.

  • UAB search tool. To find documents you can search by subject: Oratoria and Comunicació oral. You should enter the terms in Catalan for accurate results. 
  • Presentations and posters. Guidance and tips for producing effective oral and visual presentations, by the Institute for Academic Development, of The University of Edimburgh.
  • Com comunicar: inter-university website of resources to assess and improve communication skills at university (pdf documents are also in English).