Our collections

The UAB libraries offer an extensive documentary collection to support teaching and research: more than one million of books, nearly 75,000 periodicals (journals and newspapers) and nearly 200,000 non-book materials (DVD, thesis, maps, etc.) A good part of this collection is in digital format.
Apart from this general collection, the UAB libraries have other specific holdings: special, personal and institutional collections, the university's own production, etc.
With the aim of guaranteeing a harmonious development of the collection, the UAB Libraries elaborate general and specific collection development policies. We encourage you to collaborate in this development through the library order request form, donations or exchange of publications.

There are guides that explain how to find certain types of documents or materials and other resources and subject guides that provide information about the available resources on a specific subject or degree.

We present a selection of our collections and search tools:

Search tool

You can search all the printed and electronic resources of the UAB libraries, including our institutional repository (DDD). You have access to full text and availability information of library materials.

Reading lists

This Tool provides access to the recommended reading lists. You can search by teacher, by course name or by course code.
In addition, teachers can keep updating the reading lists.


The CCUC gathers in one place the library catalogues of Catalan universities  and other institutions, such as the National Library of Catalonia. From this catalogue you can access the consortial borrowing or PUC loan.

Special collections

In the special collections you will find relevant documentation in certain areas or material types.
They often gather rare documents, unique materials, manuscripts, etc.

Personal and institutional collections

In the personal and institutional collections you will find documents produced or assembled by a person, a family or an organisation, in the exercise of their activities and functions: correspondence, personal diaries, etc.

Digital repositories

Among the digital repositories you will find the DDD, which stores the production of the UAB, and other cooperative repositories, such as Recercat, which collects research documents, or TDR that contains doctoral theses.

Doctoral theses

In this section you will find several e-theses repositories. We also explain you how to search printed and digital theses.


In the Press page you will find information about newspapers and magazines in the UAB libraries.


The GEODOC catalog is the reference instrument of the Map Library, offering lists of maps classified by geographical areas.

Political documentation

The CEDOC  collects books, brochures, posters and magazine collections about the political situation in Catalonia and Spain.

Rare Books collection

The Rare Books collection contains old documents on broad issues, printed between the 16th and the 20th centuries.

Statistic resources

The department specialised in statistical resources covering a vaste range of subjects is located in the Social Sciences Library.

European Union documentation

Here you will find official publications of the European Union, as well as other types of documents specialised in European issues.