Access to Electronic Resources

You can access the electronic resources of the UAB with the Search Engine or by surfing the Internet and use the ARE+ extension. You can download the extension on this page.

What is ARE+?

ARE+ is a browser extension (commercial name: Lean Library) that allows access to electronic resources subscribed to by the UAB Library Service. Any user who is part of the UAB community can install and use the extension.

What do you have to do to use ARE+?

  1. Download and install the extension in the browser you usually use.
  2. Select the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona from the dropdown.

Start surfing the Internet and when the notification of subscribed content appears, you have to identify yourself with NIU and password.

How will ARE+ help you?

  • It will provide you with access to the electronic resources subscribed to by the UAB. Without having to go through the Search Engine, while you browse the Internet, ARE+ will detect the links to the resources subscribed to by the UAB and will inform you and facilitate access.
  • It will provide you with useful information to use the digital library, such as:
    • Valid links for accessing a resource from pages that do not allow identification or access.
    • Notifications in case of resources with some type of access restriction.
    • Consultation of versions of the document in open access, if the option exists.
    • Notices of availability of the document in the UAB collection from commercial platforms.
    • Aids prepared by the library when useful.
    • Information on similar resources from the search carried out by different search engines (Google Scholar, Wikipedia...).