Disabilities and specific educational needs

The UAB Libraries provide users with disabilities and specific educational needs a personalized service to facilitate the access and use of library resources.

To access to this service it is required to be registered in PIUNE or to have the official certificate confirming a degree of disability greater than or equal to 33%, or, submit medical report and / or educational needs any questions contact PIUNE, Service Disability. Civic Square, next to the Optics University. For any question please contact PIUNE.

If the user is unable to search for an item, the library staff will make the search and facilitate the item, within the opening hours of the UAB Libraries.

The UAB Libraries have 6 cabins adapted for people with physical, sensory disabilities and people with specific educational needs. The location of the cabins is:

  • Biblioteca de Comunicació i Hemeroteca General (floor 4)
  • Biblioteca de Ciències Socials (floor 0)
  • Biblioteca d’Humanitats (floor 0)

To use these spaces you must be registered in PIUNE

The equipment of the cabins for physical disabilities include webcam, mouse, trackball and keyboard cover.

These cabins are also intended for people who have learning difficulties (dyslexia and TDA) and have ClaroRead specific software (software support reading and writing).

The equipment of the cabins for sensory disabilities provide extension programs and screen reading, Jaws and Zoomtext and LupaTV.

Each of the UAB Libraries has a magnifying device facilitating the access to information to people with special reading needs.

Inquiries can be made in person or online via the service Pregunt@. A specialist librarian will find the information you need.

The loan period will be extended to twice in relation to the established loan rules.

Users with severe motor disabilities, mobility problems and long hospital stays will be allowed to make loans on the phone or via web, and another person, duly authorised, may collect the items without having to be registered in PIUNE, although it is advisable to contact the service if necessary to respond to other needs arising from personal or health.

The library offers the opportunity to take courses adapted to the needs and personal situation of the user, as long as it is justified by the type and degree of the disability. The library can also organize specific guided tours to get to know the services and the library collections.

Visual impaired users who need an item marked as ‘library use only’, can borrow the item to be scanned, prior authorization of the Director of the Library which holds the item, only if there is no adapted room in the library. Please contact PIUNE to know the procedure to follow.

The loan period of an item marked as ‘available’ can be extended in case the user may need a transcription, which will be carried out by an external institution. This extension is subject to the number of copies available.

Services Catalog approved by the UAB Library Users Committee, meeting on October 19, 2017.