The Fundaciˇ UAB

Fundaciˇ Aut˛noma SolidÓria

The current Board of the Fundació Autònoma Solidària is composed of the following members:

Sònia Hernández Tejada, Member of the Board of Trustees
Montserrat Balagueró Baró, Director of Teaching Services at the UAB Foundation
Daniel Furlan Silvestri, Representative of the Board of Trustees
Xavier Such Martí, Lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Joan Botella Corral, Dean of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology
Albert Branchadell Gallo, Lecturer at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting
Digna Maria Couso Lagaron, Lecturer at the Faculty of Education
Glòria Estapé Dubreuil, Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies
Àngel Puyol González, Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Chair: Carlos Eliseo Sánchez Lancis, Vice-rector for Institutional Relations and Culture

Secretary: Maria Rosa Català Fernández, Legal Director and Director of Human Resources at the UAB Foundation

Deputy Secretary: Jordi Prat Fernández, Director of the Fundació Autònoma Solidària