In this section you will find the indications and the specific documentation of the programme, if applicable, that you must incorporate in your online deposit application. Check in advance what is the procedure to make the deposit online.

Once your application has been recorded and validated by the coordination of the PhD programme, you will be able to monitorise the deposited theses and the theses for which the examining board has been approved, as well as the agenda where the theses defenses are published.

If you want to deposit the doctoral thesis in this PhD programme, remember that you must record the deposit no later than 7 days before the date of the Academic Committee of the programme that will resolve your deposit and that, initially, meets the first Monday of each month (confirm with the Secretary).

Look out! If you want to deposit before the end of this academic year and thus not have to pay the fees for the next course, you must confirm your deposit request before September, 19 2022.

At the time of making your online deposit, you must attach these documents to your application, in the section "Attach documentation":

All PhD students

  • 01 - Examining board proposal (the signature is not necessary)
  • 13 - Activities document
  • 20 - Examining board: curriculum vitae of the external members of the Department (single file)
  • 44 - Turnitin report
  • 45 - Affidavit

International Doctoral Research Component: Mandatory documentation if requested

  • 09 - International Doctoral Research Component: 1 report of the external member
  • 10 - International Doctoral Research Component: 2 report of the external member
  • 12 - International Doctoral Research Component: curriculum vitae of the last 5 years with publications, projects and theses directed by the two external experts

Compendium of publications: Mandatory documentation if requested

  • 05 - Compendium: Application for the presentation of the thesis as a compendium of publications
  • 06 - Compendium: First page of the articles (or certificates) proving their next publication (single file)
  • 07 - Compendium: Acceptance of the co-authors doctors and renouncement of the non-doctor co-authors (single file)

Writing a thesis in a language other than Catalan, Spanish and English: Mandatory documentation if requested

  • 11 - Resolution if the thesis is written in other language than Catalan, Spanish or English


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