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How to manage research data

Research data

In this section you will find information about what a Data Management Plan (DMP) is. The objective is for you to reflect, together with your thesis director, on the need to design this plan in order to better organise data collection, apply a methodology and anticipate compliance with the FAIR principles. This information must be explained during the annual PhD review.

To prepare your Data management plan for the doctoral thesis, we recommend that you check the Guide for doctoral students to prepare a data management plan (document in Catalan). In CORA.eiNa DMP you will find a specific template to prepare the DMP assisted by the application, with specific sections and examples. To better understand the benefits of preparing a DMP to organise your thesis research data, you can also view this video by the UPF addressed to doctoral students.

At this link to the Intellectual Property and Open Access website you will find what a data management plan is and how to write it.

The UAB Libraries, together with the Doctoral School, also offer specific courses for doctoral students on research data. You will find them at this link to transversal activities under the name: Research data: open access publishing and data management plan. The courses are offered in three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. Students with a contract at the UAB, as well as directors and supervisors, can also participate in the training courses offered by the UAB training area (formació

For more information on data management (preparation of the DMP and publication), contact your reference library via Pregunt@.

In case you have any doubts about how to manage human data, please check this webpage.