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Industrial Doctoral Research Component (procedure)

Theses initiated under Spanish Royal Decree RD 99/2011, may include the Industrial Doctoral Research Component on the obverse side of the PhD certificate when requested and the following conditions are met:

  • Existence of a 3-year employment or commercial contract with a private- or public-sector company or with a public authority (except a university).
  • The research training must have been developed mainly in a company or public authority within an R&D&I project, which must be the subject of the doctoral thesis.
  • The doctoral thesis must been developed within the framework of a collaboration agreement between the university, research centre and/or hospital foundation and at least one company, public authority or institution, signed for the express purpose of developing the thesis. This agreement must have been signed during the first year from the date of admission to the PhD programme. You will find the model agreement and the essential aspects that must be includen in this link.
  • The PhD student must have a thesis tutor designated by the UAB and belonging to the PhD programme and a person in charge designated by the company or public authority, who may also be the thesis supervisor, in accordance with the regulations on PhD studies.
  • The PhD student's workload on the research project is spread between the company or public authority and the university.
  • The PhD student must carry ot a minimum of 60 hours of instructional activities to develop competences related to leadership, R&D&I project management, transfer of research findings, development of start-up companies and intellectual and industrial property. You can choose them among the activities organized by the UAB (the offer varies each academic year), by the Generalitat, by the company itself or by other entities.

The PhD student must also comply with the rest of conditions that apply to traditional PhD studies (registration, reviews, compulsory instructional activities, permanence regime, etc.).

In the follow link you can consult the List of companies that have signed an Industrial PHD Agreement


  1. Admission
  2. Agreement
    You must fill in the details of the agreement relating to the project and to the company, following the model and the instructions that can be found at this link.
    This document must be sent, in MS Word format, to
  3. Enrollment every academic year
  4. Review every academic year
  5. Mandatory activities of the PhD programme and the Industrial Doctoral Research Component
  6. Activities of the Industrial Doctoral Research Component
    Before starting the thesis deposit, in the section "Research plan and PhD students activities" you must fill in and attach the following information:
    • Activity 33 - Tansversal training:  You must post the certificates that prove 60 hours of traning (it is essential that the certificates expressly indicate the number of hours completed).
    • Activity 49 - Industrial doctorate project (report and contractual relationship):  You must post two documents:
      1. Model document for preparing the report
      2. Contractual relationship with the company. You can accredit it with one of these two documents:
        • Certificate from the company confirming that you have been working on a MDIND project within 3 years prior to the thesis deposit.
        • Work life report stating the registration in the company 3 years prior to the thesis deposit.
  7. Online thesis deposit
    In addition to the usual indications for the thesis deposit, which you can consult here, on the “Thesis data” screen you must check the “Industrial Doctoral Research Component” box.


The Permanent Board of the Doctoral School will evaluate the documentation and may request any additional request it deems appropriate.

The resolution of the component will be made in the days after the thesis deposit, if all the requirements are met, although it will not be effective until the defense has been made and the PhD degree has been obtained. The result can be checked in Sigma:
Menció Doctorat Industrial - Sigma


If you have not found the information you need on this page, you can contact the Doctoral School at for issues related to the agreement and for other issues (if you send an email, you must identify yourself by indicating your DNI/passport, NIU, name and surname).