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Official degrees (PhD)

After successfully defending your doctoral thesis you can obtain your PhD degree from the UAB.

You can apply for the title once the status of your file is "closed in title provision".

If you have requested the international doctoral research component, see how you can check if you have been granted or not on this page.

The following are the procedures, forms, regulations, fees and other information for requesting a PhD certificate, whether an original or a reissue.


If you do not find in these pages the information you need, you can contact the Doctoral School at (if you send an email, you must identify yourself by indicating your ID / passport, NIU, name and surname).

You must make the application for the title online. Check more information in this link.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Doctors who have DNI or NIE, it is not necessary to provide it, since we interoperate the data from the School.
  • Doctors requesting a doctor's degree with a Passport must provide a certified photocopy (with original stamp) of the current document. The photocopy of the passport must be certified, by the Doctoral School, or by any entity of the UAB with a certification service, or by the Embassies or Consulates. There is also the possibility of requesting, from the Embassies or Consulates of Spain, an authentic copy of the passport (electronic document with a secure verification code). It can also be sent by internal mail or by courier:
    Escuela de Doctorado
    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
    Travessera de Can Miró, S/N
    08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)
  • Copy of large family card, if applicable. Members of families with the special family concession card are exempt from this payment. A 50% reduction will be applied to the fees payable by members of families with the general family concession card.
  • To obtain the Consent Document for the Consultation and Obtaining of Large Family Card Documents and Certificate of Disability, you must complete this document and send it to

To consider:

  • It must be stated in the names and surnames: accents, spaces, dashes and particles ("and", "y", "i", "de", "del", "de la") that join the first surname or both surnames, which will be put after the first or last name, as appropriate, and will be reflected in the title card. If there are errors, a duplicate must be made with the corresponding payment of fees by the interested party.
  • Once the title has been processed, you will receive the Security Verification Code (CSV) and a QR code so that you can download the Substitute Certificate for the Doctor's Degree.
  • If you need to legalize the Substitute Certificate, you have to send an email to
  • You should check that your email is updated, since once the title arrives we will communicate it exclusively through this channel.
  • If you are proposed to obtain the Special Prize Award, it is essential to apply for the Doctor's Degree prior to the proposal.
  • If you want to request the approval of the UAB doctor's degree in another country, we recommend that you request a specific certificate for the homologation of the title. Check the information in this link.

The amount of the fee for issuing a PhD Certificate for the 2022/2024 academic year is € 218.15.


Once the application for the degree has been recorded, the Doctoral School processes it to the Ministry. This process of sending to the Ministry can last about 48 hours. It should also be noted that the Ministry's management page is not active during the first week of each month, nor the month of August, nor during the Christmas and Easter periods.

Once the Ministry responds to us, the Doctoral School will give you the Substitute Certificate of Title (in Catalan, Spanish and English) that is valid for one year until the original Title arrives.

If you need to legalise the title, from the day following its processing, you must follow the same procedure as for the titles.

Old titles of RD 778/1998 and RD 185/1985

To request titles of these Royal Decrees you must contact

Collection of certificates

Remember that if you change your email address, you need to notify us urgently to

The Doctoral School will award the PhD certificate at the PhD graduation ceremony which is held twice a year at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The dates are:

  • 15th November 2024 (Friday)
  • 16th May 2025 (Friday)

You will receive the corresponding invitation to the act when the certificate has reached the university.


You can also collect your certificate personally from the Doctoral School, presenting your National ID or passport, on condition that you have already received an e-mail notifying you that the Doctoral School has your certificate ready. To do this you will need to make an appointment.

Appointment request to Doctoral School

You may authorise someone to collect your degree certificate for you, provided that they bring a power of attorney to that effect. If the power of attorney has been drawn up outside Spain, it must be authenticated through diplomatic channels. Consular offices in Spain provide attorney services that can deliver this power of attorney to the Spanish Consulate that is nearest to your own address, without any further requirements of authentication. The power of attorney can be presented in Catalan, Spanish or English. For further information on authenticating foreign documents, please click here
VERY IMPORTANT: Once the title has been collected, if you want to legalize it, it is necessary that the person who has requested it has signed the title.

Sending the doctoral degree certificate to an Embassy, Consulate, Delegations and Sub-delegations of the Government: send a request to this effect to the Unit Head, School of Doctoral Studies, via this e-mail address: (if you send an email, you must identify yourself by indicating your ID / passport, NIU, name and surname).

Consider whether you will need the legalized title. If so, we do not recommend this form of delivery, since legalization is a procedure that must be done in Spanish territory. If you want to legalize it, you should opt for a delivery in person or authorize, through a power of attorney, a third person.

Sending an official degree certificate implies the payment of a fee of € 50.00 regardless of destination.
Payment should be made to the following account:

IBAN: ES48 0182 6035 4302 0160 9886
Account holder: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


It should be sent to (if you send an email, you must identify yourself by indicating your ID / passport, NIU, name and surname):

  • Attested photocopy of valid national identity card/NIE or passport.
  • Proof of payment for the applicable certificate-sending fees.
  • Postal address and contact phone number.
  • Embassy, Consulate, Delegation or Sub-delegation of the Government of Spain where you want to receive the degree certificate.

Please bear in mind that bank transferences may carry additional costs (particularly if transferring from abroad), applied by both the home bank and the recipient bank. These costs must be met by the applicant. In light of this, please ensure that the amount transferred coincides with the applicable fee, including within this transferred amount any additional banking costs, and currency charges, if applicable.

The process of sending such documents may take from 3 to 6 months.

Time limit for collecting the degree certificate:

The certificate can be collected within five years of receiving notification, in accordance with the periods established by regulation.

Authentication of Degree Certificate:

Degree certificates are issued without authentication for other countries. Authentication is the responsibility of the degree holder.

Please check the information on authenticating degree certificates, which is necessary if these are to be recognised and applicable outside Spain.

To carry out such authentication, the documents in question must be presented to the following competent office:

Delegació del Govern a Catalunya:
Alta Inspecció d'Educació
C/ Bergara, 12 - 1º
08002 Barcelona
Telephone: 93 520 96 03

To legalize the academic documentation (both authentic copies and certificates signed electronically in the Government Delegation, you must consult

Authentic copies

CÒPIA is a web service that allows you to generate authentic copies of documents with all the legal guarantees established by current regulations. The functionalities of the CÒPIA service are the generation of an authentic electronic copy from an original document on paper or on non-electronic support that can be digitized, as well as consulting and downloading the authentic copies (and their metadata) in PDF format, incorporating a electronic signature through an electronic seal certificate assigned to the AOC Consortium, obtaining as a result a PDF document.

To request it, you have to make an appointment (if you come to pick up the doctor's degree, the same appointment works for you).


Valid reasons for requesting an official degree certificate to be reissued:

Loss, theft, partial or total destruction and rectification of the original certificate, mandatory for the issuance of the duplicate in the certificates corresponding to EHEA.

It will be necessary for the student to contact the Doctoral School ( and request the publication of the announcement in the BOE for one of these reasons.

The initiative for the publication of the announcement corresponds to the student. Likewise, both the cost of the publication of the announcement and the issuance fee of the duplicate of the certificate, will be borne by the student.

After 30 days from the date of publication of the announcement in the BOE, a duplicate of the certificate may be requested.


The fees for academic and administrative services related to official study programmes are set by the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat).

Documents to be submitted


  • Request form, obtainable from the Doctoral School (you must request an appointment). Appointment request to Doctoral School
  • Photocopy of current national identity document (DNI) or passport.
  • Original or attested photocopy of the family concession card, where applicable.
  • Original degree certificate, where applicable.
  • Receipt for payment of the fees for official degree certificates. Recipients of special awards and members of families with grade 2 family concession cards are exempt from this payment. A 50% reduction will be applied to the fees payable by members of families with grade 1 family concession cards.

Payment methods

By bank card, at the point-of-sale terminal of the Doctoral School, or by payment into the following bank account: 0182 6035 4302 0160 9886.
In the case of a bank transfer from abroad (N.B: please take note of commission charges made by both the sending and receiving banks), the IBAN must be used: ES48 0182 6035 4302 0160 9886.


The Doctoral School will give you a receipt for your request. Please present this receipt when collecting your degree certificate. When the certificate has been printed you will be asked to collect it from our offices.

The certificate may be collected by:


  • the interested party, on presentation of his/her national identity document (DNI) or passport;
  • another person who has been authorised to do so by notarial deed. This person must also present a photocopy of the DNI of the interested party.

Residents abroad may request in writing that the certificate be sent to a Spanish consular office or to the offices of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture nearest to their place of residence.

Period for collecting the degree certificate

Official degree certificates may be collected within a period of 5 years. After this period a reminder will be sent and then the certificate will be destroyed.