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Dissemination of approved tribunals

Announcing approved examining boards

Once the notification period for the doctoral thesis has passed, the School for Doctoral Studies appoints the members of the examining board and sends the thesis to them.

At this point the date can be set for defending the thesis. The board president's proposal for the place and date of the public defence is sent by the programme coordinator to the School for Doctoral Studies. The date must be at least 10 working days after the date of the proposal. The School for Doctoral Studies announces the defence date and venue using the UAB thesis-defence schedule and the president convenes the PhD candidate and the other board members.

At least 15 days before the defence, the candidate must send each board member a copy of the thesis so that they can examine it in detail. It is left to each PhD programme to determine whether the copies, which must be identical to the one deposited at the School for Doctoral Studies, are to be sent in digital or printed format.

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