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Thesis defense

Please see the section "Deposit".

The Christmas and Easter breaks and the month of August cannot be taken into account when calculating the thesis deposit dates.

See also the section of the TESEO database page and digital versions of theses for the TDX database.

For any enquiries about the doctoral thesis deposit, please write to: (if you send an email, you must identify yourself by indicating your ID / passport, NIU, name and surname).

The Deputy Secretary for Studies of the University Coordinating Council has informed the universities of the new procedure for using TESEO, the national database for doctoral theses.

This data collection must be done through a new computer application in web format, at the following address:

Regarding the deposits that have been made since January 2020, the Doctoral School will introduce, in the TDX and TESEO repositories, the information of the thesis data, so that the doctoral student will not need to do any other management. The information will be the one that has been entered in the online deposit of the thesis.

To resolve any questions, send an email to (you must identify yourself by indicating your ID / passport, NIU, name and surname).


Procedure for entering a doctoral thesis on the Intellectual Property Register

PhD holders may opt to enter their thesis on the Intellectual Property Register (RPI) of Catalonia. This service depends on the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat).

It has offices in Barcelona (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 184, baixos), Girona, Lleida and Tarragona.

What is the Intellectual Property Register and what does it include?

The Intellectual Property Register, as stipulated in the Law on Intellectual Property, is an instrument for protecting intellectual property rights through public records.

Entering a work on the Register provides proof of authorship and ownership of the right to exploit a work economically.

Intellectual Property Registers specify rights that pertain to the works under protection. These can be moral rights (on whether the work can be divulged, on recognition of authorship, on respect for the integrity of the work, etc.), which always correspond to the authors, or economic rights (to reproduce, divulge, distribute or modify the work), which the authors may assign to third parties.

Intellectual property laws do not cover ideas, methods, systems or procedures. Therefore, only the literary or scientific expression of these may be registered.

There are two forms for entering a doctoral thesis on the Intellectual Property Register. The first of these depends on whether this is done by the author in person, or delegated to someone else. The second depends on the section the work belongs to. There are seven possible versions of the second form.

All documents can be found at:

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Consult the detailed information on the  defense date and thesis self-registration.


Consult the detailed information about the qualification of the thesis.