Annual evaluation and review of the thesis

Once the PhD student is accepted on the programme, they must register every academic year (including the year when the thesis is deposited) in order to confirm their status. The subject registered for is called review, and it is an evaluation of the training received during the year and progress on the writing of the PhD thesis.

Each academic year the academic tribunal arranges a review, in which three PhD holding lecturers assess the progress made by the candidate in their research plan and activities document and the report by the thesis supervisor and academic tutor. In the report, the director and the academic tutor state, at least, that the candidate has fulfilled the number of meetings arranged between themselves and the thesis supervisor and has carried out the activities planned for that academic year.

In exceptional cases (research stays or work camps), and with a previous report from the thesis supervisor and from the academic tutor, the Academic Committee of the PhD programme may authorise substitute the oral and face-to-face presentation of the annual review by another format.

Failure to present an annual review with no justification will lead to the PhD candidates definitive withdrawal from the programme, since positive evaluation during the review is an essential requirement for continuing on the programme and registering for the following year. If the annual review is negative the candidate may re-register for the same review within the registration calendar, make a new research plan and present for a new review the following March.

If the March review is positive the candidate must register for the next review in the same academic year.

If the March review is negative the candidate must withdraw from the PhD programme.

UAB gives the chance to complete the process by distance. However it is a presential programme that requires engagement by the students who must commit themselves to assist to the annual evaluation and review of the thesis. Exceptionally and by justified reason it can be authorized a maximum of two videoconference evaluation in full time thesis and a maximum of three videoconference evaluation in full time thesis.

Documents for the annual evaluation and review of the thesis

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