Internal Quality Assurance System of the centers

Internal Quality Assurance System for faculties and schools

The process-based management system used by the UAB faculties and schools stems from a commitment to offering degrees with their own policy on quality and measures in place to evaluate and improve performance continuously, according to the European quality standards. These elements together make up this university's Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIQ).

This system involves all the following:

  • establishing and monitoring the faculty's policy and objectives regarding teaching standards, in accordance with the university’s strategic lines
  • establishing and renewing the offer of PhD programmes
  • processes directly linked to teaching activity: tutoring, assessment, mobility, etc.
  • processes to gauge the level of satisfaction of the different groups
  • processes linked to the people and resources needed: lecturers, administrative and service staff (PAS), infrastructure and services, course scheduling, academic organisation, etc.
  • processes linked to the life cycles of degrees: verification (evaluation before implementation), regular monitoring, modification (continuous improvement) and accreditation (evaluation of performance and renewal of the authorisation to continue offering the programme), which seek to organise, renew and improve the offer of PhD programmes.


Evaluation process previous to the implementation of the degree: presentation of a proposal for a new PhD programme for AQU-Catalunya (Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia) to issue the binding evaluation for the Council of Universities (Ministry of Universities), which is the responsible agent for verification.



Periodic monitoring process of the development and results of the PhD programme: self-evaluation carried out, every 3 years, by themselves.


AQU VSMA Framework


Internal Quality Assurance System of the faculty

Set of processes to manage and monitor the different aspects of degrees, with the strategic objective of ensuring continuous improvement


Opina UAB

A channel for suggestions, complaints and praise regarding the functioning of the UAB


PhD data


Recognition and awards

In this link you will find the doctors who have obtained the Special Prize Award in this PhD programme.

The following prizes and honours have been awarded in relation to this PhD programme.

  • Dr Oriol Romero Isart, who studied for his PhD on the PhD programme in Physics at the UAB, was awarded the prize "Investigador Novel Física Teórica" by RSEF-Fundació BBVA 2012.
  • Dr. Jordi Prat, PhD in 2015 on the PhD programme in Physics at the UAB, was distinguished by Forbes magazine as one of the 30 best researchers under 30 years of age in Europe in the field of science and health.
  • Dr. Alejandro Turpin Aviles, PhD in 2015 on the PhD. programme in Physics at the UAB, won the 'Enrique Fuentes Quintana Award 2017' for the best doctoral thesis in Spain in the area of Engineering, Mathematics, Architecture and Physics, among more than 140 PhD theses that were presented in that area.
  • Drs. Shota Tsiskaridze, Javier Montejo Berlingen, Rubén López Coto, Pol Torres Álvarez and Alba Fernández Barral, all of them from the PhD programme in Physics of the UAB, have obtained the 'Springer Theses' award for the best doctoral theses in the fields of physics or astrophysics.

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