The PhD programme in Studies in Antiquity and the Middle Ages draws together several lines of research that cover the periods of Antiquity and the Middle Ages and which involve different disciplines: history, archaeology and philology. The teaching staff belongs to the Department of Studies in Antiquity and the Middle Ages and to different areas of knowledge linked to these disciplines.


Thus, the lines of research available to prospective PhD students are Egyptology and Ancient Oriental Studies, Ancient History and Archaeology, Medieval History and Archaeology, Latin Philology, Greek Philology, Indo-European Linguistics and Historiographic Sciences and Techniques. The lecturers on this programme lead or participate in national and international research projects that can accommodate the research conducted by students on this programme. The chronological range and the confluence of the three aforementioned disciplines means that students can go beyond the particular research field chosen for the doctoral thesis, guided by teachers with expertise in several complementary disciplines. The department regularly organises seminars, colloquia and conferences in which students can take an active part. Students will also be given opportunities to publish their research in journals and monographs.


Candidate profile

Students should have a good academic record, a vocation for research, communication skills, adequate language competences, and methodological skills (or a clear determination to acquire these).

In addition, they should ideally have a background in arts and humanities studies, particularly in the areas of history, archaeology or classical philology, but access is also open to students from other disciplines, especially if they have acquired some knowledge of the above areas directly or indirectly through master's degree studies.


Professional opportunities

This PhD programme provides the following principal career options: heritage research and management in different institutions, such as universities, museums, archives, archaeological parks and cultural institutions. Graduates from the programme can also enter the field of secondary-school teaching.


Objectives and justification

The PhD programme in Studies in Antiquity and the Middle Ages focuses on research areas in which its teaching staff play a leading role and which fit in with the objectives of its research groups and funded projects. These areas mainly encompass classical and medieval history and archaeology, egyptology and ancient oriental studies, Latin and Greek philology, Indo-European linguistics, and historiographic sciences and techniques. This offer is a reflection of the department's composition and it provides PhD students with very interesting opportunities for co-supervision and interdisciplinarity, ranging from ancient and medieval history to text processing and the use of archaeological techniques.


Research infrastructure

Besides the physical resources for teaching and research that the UAB provides for all its PhD programmes, students on this programme can also make use of the following research infrastructures:

  • interns' office area
  • meetings room equipped for presentations and seminars
  • three ancient and medieval archaeology laboratories
  • Facilities of the Institute of Ancient Near-Eastern Studies, located in the Advanced Research Module.



Helena Kirchner

Composition of the academic tribunal for the PhD programme

  • Programme Coordinator: Helena Kirchner
  • Department Director: Gemma Puigvert
  • A representative of the lines of research in latin philology: Cándida Ferrero
  • A representative of the lines of research in greek philology: Marta Oller
  • A representative of the lines of research in history and ancient archeology: Oriol Olesti
  • A representative of the lines of research in medieval history and archeology: Helena Kirchner
  • A representative of the lines of research in egyptology and ancient oriental studies: Josep Cervelló
  • A representative of the lines of research in historiographic sciences and techniques: Antoni Iglesias



Department of Studies in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Department's webpage
Phone: 93 581 23 84



Qualification: Doctor by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Studies in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Number of places available: 10
Fees: aprox. €540 per year View detail of the PhD's fees

Languages in which the thesis may be written:
Catalan, Spanish.
Other European languages may be used with the approval of the doctoral programme’s academic committee. Theses submitted for the European doctoral research component must have a part written in a language accepted by the thesis supervisor.
Organising universities and institutions:
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Associated departments or institutes:
Department of Antiquity and Middle Age Studies
Arts and Humanities

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