The PhD in Computer Science at the UAB has the benefit of broad experience. It goes back to RD 185/1985, when the doctoral studies in computer science started at the UAB.

Currently the PhD in Computer Science is an interdepartmental programme of three departments of the Engineering School that carry out teaching and research in the area of computing (Department of Computer Science, Department of Information Engineering and Department of Computer Architecture and Operating Systems). Beyond these three departments the PhD programme also works closely and consistently with two leading research centres: the Computer Vision Centre and the Institute for Research into Artificial Intelligence (IIIA) of the Spanish Research Council.

Candidate profile

The specific requirements of the PhD programme in Computer Science aim to establish a student profile that maximises the chances of success on the programme. The PhD student must have thorough knowledge of the basic concepts and tools in computer science, along with the ability to assimilate new knowledge.

Professional opportunities

The PhD programme in Computer Science prepares its students to join research teams working in the different areas of computer science, such as computer vision, information technologies, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing and computer security. These are fields in which the demand for experts is high, from companies both at home and abroad, so the chances of finding employment are very good. Moreover, the training received equips students to start up their own companies, often with support from the UAB itself.On completing the PhD programme in Computer Science at the UAB and defending their thesis, students have gone on to work in such companies as the following: Intel, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Telefonica Research, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, OCULUSai Technologies, iSOCO, SCYTL, STRANDS, Barcelona Digital, Cognicolor, Herta Security, Visual Tagging Systems, among others.

Objectives and justification

The PhD programme in Computer Science aims to offer a response to the need in society for highly qualified professionals with specific training in the field of computing. This is something that is not restricted to Catalonia but also applied in Spain and internationally. The PhD programme is therefore oriented towards attracting both local and international students. The programme has a clear commitment to the needs of the labour market and the training offered is specially designed for highly specialised positions in the computer sector. In order to improve the quality of the studies, this programme is included in the proposed Industrial Doctorate in Information and Communication Technologies, which brings together programmes from different Catalan universities.  


Specific regulations

You can check here the spedific regulation (document in Catalan) of this PhD programme.



Jordi González Sabaté


Toni Guerra Román
Engineering School, Building Q
Office QC/2014



This PhD programme has been awarded the Excellent Accreditation seal by the Catalan Quality Agency (AQU). To obtain this accreditation, the following items have been assessed: quality of the training programme, relevance of public information, teaching staff, learning support systems, quality of the results of the training programme and the SGIQ. You can consult more information in the 'Quality' section of this page.

Number of places available: 25
Fees: aprox. €540 per year View detail of the PhD's fees

Languages in which the thesis may be written:
Català, Castellano, English
Organising universities and institutions:
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Associated departments or institutes:
Department of Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
Department of Computer Science
Department of Information and Communications Engineering
Technological Sciences

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