The PhD in Catalan Language and Literature and Theatre Studies is the result of a fusion of the PhD in Catalan Language and Literature and the PhD in Theatre Studies and involves prestigious researchers.

It is aimed at training researchers to be able to produce a doctoral thesis dealing with the following areas:

  • Synchronic Catalan language
  • Grammatical theory in relation to Catalan
  • Applications of Catalan in ICT and life-long learning
  • Language correction and advice
  • Learning Catalan as a first language
  • Learning Catalan as a foreign language
  • Geographical variation and variation in register
  • External history of the Catalan language
  • Internal evolution of the Catalan language
  • Sociolinguistics, ethnolinguistics and linguistic anthropology
  • Text editing
  • Text criticism
  • Medieval, Modern and Contemporary Catalan Literature
  • Comparative Catalan and other European Literatures
  • Translation and Reception of Foreign Literature in Catalonia
  • Catalan Theatre Studies
  • Relationships between Catalan and European Theatre
  • The international projection of Catalan theatre companies and playwrights
  • Drama applications in different social and educational ambits
  • Minority theatre studies
  • Theatre from an interdisciplinary viewpoint

The PhD committee may admit research that affects these lines more tangentially under the supervision of an appropriate tutor.

Candidate profile

The PhD student profile is that of a student who has taken a master's degree in a subject area close to that of the PhD programme, who has research experience relevant to the programme, and a thorough knowledge of the basic concepts and tools of Catalan Language and Literature and Theatre Studies.

Professional opportunities

This PhD programme provides the following principal career options.

  • Teaching Catalan as a first or second language at all levels.
  • Teaching Catalan literature at all levels.
  • Cultural management in the public or private sector.
  • Protocol and institutional relations.
  • Language correction and advisory services in any medium or sector.
  • Language planning institutions.
  • Literary and theatre criticism.
  • Publishing and advisory services to publishers.
  • Audiovisual or written media, both traditional and ICT-based.
  • Creation, production and programming in theatre.
  • Application of the performing arts to social work, occupational therapy, education and acquisition of language and communication skills.
  • Linking literature and theatre to music and the visual arts.

Objectives and justification

The PhD in Catalan Language and Literature and Theatre Studies is the continuation of a PhD of the same name, the result of a fusion of two long running programmes at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: the PhD in Catalan Language and Literature and the PhD in Theatre Studies.

The training of researchers in different branches of language study comprising synchronic study, geographical and social variation as well as the main application of linguistic expertise (acquisition of Catalan as a first or second language, correction, advisory, ICT applications, etc.).

The area of literary studies includes the study of the history of Catalan literature from its origins up to the present, criticism, interrelationships with social, cultural, artistic and literary movements in Catalonia and (mainly) Europe, text editing, interrelationship between literature and journalism and epistolary genres, among others.

Apart from Catalan theatre studies, the branch of theatre studies allows for consideration of hypothetical Europeanism in the different plays, the relationship of European plays to Catalan theatre, the international projection of theatre companies and playwrights and the social applications of working in theatre and with minority plays.

In short, the programme allowed for all types of studies related to Catalan language and a broad range of specialisation in theatre and performance studies, both from Catalonia and around the world with supervision by recognised and prestigious researchers.

The breadth of possibilities for specialisation together with the depth of the research offer a intellectually stimulating space for carrying out multidisciplinary and transversal study.


Victor Martínez Gil


UISAD - Integrated Unit of Administrative Support
Departments of Catalan and Spanish

Building B
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona)
Tel. +34 93 581 12 16
Contact: Beatriz Díaz Rodríguez



Number of places available: 12
Fees: aprox. €540 per year View detail of the PhD's fees

Languages in which the thesis may be written:
English, Catalan, Spanish
Organising universities and institutions:
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Associated departments or institutes:
Department of Catalan Studies

Collaborating institutions:
Universitat de Barcelona
Universitat de Girona
Universidad de Valencia
Universidad de Alicante
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Institut del Teatre
Institut d’Estudis Catalans
Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals
Arts and Humanities

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