Biotechnology is a sector with a clear capacity for transforming production and, therefore, the economy in areas such as human and animal health and the pharmaceutical industry (which is very important in Catalonia), food production, industrial sectors, such as chemistry and energy, and is a key factor in environmental management. Around the sector an entrepreneurial business networking has been set up and is becoming more consolidated every day. Our outlook also has international validity given that there are almost two thousand companies in Europe with this biotechnological profile.

The PhD in Biotechnology at the UAB aims to offer a response to social demand in this field to train PhDs to fill the forecast demand for professionals in this field.

Candidate profile

The ideal profile for a PhD student on this programme is that of a graduate in the field of biotechnology, biology, microbiology or biochemistry, or in food science and technology, veterinary medicine, medicine, chemistry or engineering if the syllabus included "bio" content, who also has a master's degree in one of these fields and who could fit readily into one of the programme's research groups.

Professional opportunities

This PhD programme provides the following principal career options:

  • Member or leader of teams working on research, development and innovation (R&D+I) projects.
  • Scientific staff in the biotechnology industry.
  • Auditing, consultancy and expert valuation services in the field of biotechnology.

Objectives and justification

This PhD programme aims to respond to a need in society for professionals in the field of biotechnology, not only in Catalonia but internationally. The PhD programme is therefore open to both local and international students. The programme is strongly committed to training PhDs capable of working in companies in health and agriculture and food companies and the biotechnology pharmaceutical and environment industries.
The aim of the PhD in Biotechnology to prepare students to be able to begin and complete training in theory, methodology and research in the multidisciplinary field of biotechnology, which is materialised in the production and public presentation of a complex, original and innovative doctoral thesis.

PhDs are expected to be able to carry out future research projects of high quality and international scope. The programme includes multidisplinary and interrelated subjects in genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry and engineering designed to offer genetic solutions to industry in an integrated manner.    


Francesc Gòdia Casablancas


Department of Chemical Engineering. School of Engineering. UAB.
Office QC-1081.  Phone. 93 581 1018 / 93 586 8093
Contact: Montserrat Martínez i Rosa Fuentes
Hours: de 9 AM to 17 PM


Excellence Award

This PhD programme has been awarded the Excellent Accreditation seal by the Catalan Quality Agency (AQU). To obtain this accreditation, the following items have been assessed: quality of the training programme, relevance of public information, teaching staff, learning support systems, quality of the results of the training programme and the SGIQ. You can consult more information in the 'Quality' section of this page.

Number of places available: 15
Fees: aprox. €540 per year View detail of the PhD's fees

Languages in which the thesis may be written:
Català, Castellano, English
Associated departments or institutes:
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Department of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering
Department of Genetics and Microbiology

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