The PhD in Animal Production aims to complete postgraduate research training  in that field related to nutrition, genetic improvement and the production of domestic animal species.

The lines of research that form part of the programme content are framed by the current demands of animal production in terms of animal welfare, environmental protection and the quality and safety of products. Contact is maintained with other recognised research centres such as the Institute for Agriculture and Food Research and Technology (IRTA) and the Centre for Agrogenomic Research (CRAG).

The most usual professional opportunities for our PhDs are R+D departments of agriculture and food companies and public research centres.

This programme obtained the prestigious Pathway to Excellence award from the Ministry of Education which will remain valid until 2013-2014.

The award makes it possible for the programme to apply for mobility grants for its students and staff, as well as the other benefits of public grants.

Candidate profile

The PhD programme in Animal Production is addressed to students with previous studies in veterinary, agricultural, health and/or life sciences. The PhD student must have thorough knowledge of the basic concepts and tools in animal science, along with the ability to assimilate new knowledge.

Professional opportunities

This PhD programme provides the following principal career options:

  • R&D&I management in both the public and the private sector, especially in universities and research centres.
  • University teaching.
  • Consultancy services for livestock farms and crop farms and companies producing food for animals.
  • Implementing and managing cooperation projects with other countries.

Objectives and justification

The PhD in Animal Production aims to offer PhD students the necessary skills to carry out research in the different branches of animal science. Emphasis is therefore placed on their participation as trainee researchers in some of the existing research groups. Special interest is places of the transmission of methods and techniques needed for research and the production of a PhD thesis. This PhD programme aims to complete postgraduate level research training in the areas of knowledge of Animal Production, related to nutrition, genetic improvements and the production of domestic animal species. The liens of the research that make up the content of this programme aims to ensure that animal production is carried out in accordance with the current demands for animal welfare, environmental protection and the quality and safety of products. 

The PhD programme includes the production, presentation and defence of a doctoral thesis consisting of an original research project. The PhD candidate con completion should be able to:
  • Search for and obtain information about this specific area using ITC.
  • Draw up hypotheses, plan objectives and establish a working protocol applying the principles of scientific methodology.
  • Identify the basic methodologies of experimentation used in animal production research.
  • Use laboratory and specialist diagnosis techniques.
  • Use computer tools to store and process data.
  • Define an appropriate experimental design and carry out statistical analysis of the data.
  • Obtain reliable results that enable the hypotheses to be verified.
  • Interpret and discuss the results and draw conclusions in a multidisciplinary context that allows the knowledge acquired in the area of animal production to be integrated.
  • Make critical judgements based on objective criteria.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the aspects of animal production that area related to the line or lines of research.
  • Communicate the results of the research to the scientific community and the professional sector in the form of an article, report or public presentations, using the appropriate terminology for each situation. 


Joaquim Casellas Vidal

Composition of the academic tribunal for the PhD programme

  • Dra. Elena Albanell Trullas
  • Dr. Joaquim Casellas Vidal
  • Dra. Dolors Izquierdo Tugas
  • Dra. Susana Martín Orúe


Department of Animal Science and Food - Faculty of Veterinary
Júlia Lacuesta Catalán
Office VO-340
Phone: 93 581 1494


This PhD programme obtained the prestigious Mention for Excellence of the Ministry of Education for the RD 1393/2007, which enabled the program could be submitted to calls for mobility grants for students and teachers, and that had other advantages in public calls.
Number of places available: 15
Fees: aprox. €540 per year View detail of the PhD's fees

Languages in which the thesis may be written:
Catalan, Spanish, English.
Organising universities and institutions:
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Associated departments or institutes:
Department of Animal and Food Science
Health Sciences

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