Training supplements

The admission process for PhD programmes may require the applicant to have passed specific bridging courses according to their previous education, as well as research initiation training which takes place as official postgraduate activities organised by the university.

In terms of fees and grants, these specific bridging courses are considered to be at PhD level and are not factored into the established limit.

Bridging courses: 

  • You sign up for these when you register.
  • They must be passed during the first year of the PhD.
  • They must not exceed 30 ECTS credits.

This PhD programme through its Academic Committee may request the completion of training for those students who, due to their previous training profile, need additional knowledge to cover deficits in research or knowledge of the tourism sector. This knowledge will be based on the offer of official postgraduate studies of participating departments and centers or related studies in other institutions outside the programme.

In the case of students with limited statistical and methodological knowledge, it is highly recommended to take 15 ECTS credits between the modules "Methodology" (9 ECTS) and "Research Techniques" (6 ECTS) of the Official Master's Degree in Territorial and Population Studies of the Department of Geography of the UAB. In any case, the student can obtain this same knowledge in official university master's degrees that offer these training options.

On the other hand, students who come from studies not related to tourism, it is recommended that they take 15 credits of training complements linked to the University School of Tourism and Hotel Management (EUTDH) of the UAB Foundation among the modules of "Strategic Management" (6 ECTS) of the Official Master in Management of Hotel Companies and the module of "Event Tourism: Management Techniques and Event Planning" (9 ECTS) of the Official Master in Management and Organization of Event Tourism. The student can also obtain this same knowledge in the field of tourism in other official university master's degrees.


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