Training supplements

The admission process for PhD programmes may require the applicant to have passed specific bridging courses according to their previous education, as well as research initiation training which takes place as official postgraduate activities organised by the university.

In terms of fees and grants, these specific bridging courses are considered to be at PhD level and are not factored into the established limit.

Bridging courses: 

  • You sign up for these when you register.
  • They must be passed during the first year of the PhD.
  • They must not exceed 30 ECTS credits.

In light of the multidisciplinary nature of this programme and of the diversity of access requirements, no additional training is envisaged, except for students who have not previously carried out methodological credits.

The Academic Committee of the PhD programme in Sports Science may request complementary training (“Background Credits”) for students who, due to their educational profile, may require such support. In these cases, the Academic Committee will determine the specific background credits that will have to be taken over the first year and which may not exceed the 30 ECTS credits provided for in this research training. The proposal for training complements will be aligned with the line of research to which the PhD thesis will be assigned.

Students who have a suitable profile for the PhD, but who cannot accredit specific training/education in their previous studies regarding the use of qualitative and quantitative research methodological techniques, will need to fulfil background-credit requirements. They will therefore be offered complementary studies that allow them to accredit such requirements prior to accessing the doctoral programme.

The training credits will be determined on the basis of the official postgraduate courses offered by the participating departments or related studies at other institutions outside the programme. Specifically, subjects have been identified from four master's degree programmes in distinct areas of knowledge that meet the demand for training/education credits on this programme. For each of the master's programmes, subject title, code, number of ECTS and the link to further information are listed below.


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