Training activities

The PhD programmes include research training that is both transferrable and specific to the area of each programme and consists of both compulsory and optional activities.

All the activities that the PhD student must complete are recorded in an activities document, but in any case there are compulsory activities that must be completed in the first academic years. It may also include transferrable activities offered by the same university.

Other professional who are not PhD holders may participate in these activities as long as they hold a relevant qualification in the corresponding area.

You can also do other mobility, under the Erasmus programme, both studies and internships. Check the information in the corresponding links.

To include these activities in your academic record, please check this video (click on the subtitle icon at the bottom right corner).

For this PhD programme the following training activities are scheduled.

Mandatory activities:

  • Participation in workshops or courses on methodological specialisation
    PhD students must attend the courses organised by the Library Service on making efficient use of bibliographic databases (SCOPUS, Medline, etc.), identifying high-impact indexed journals and managing bibliography.
  • Oral presentations or posters at national or international conferences
    Students must give at least one presentation on a topic related to their doctoral thesis at a prestigious conference on the specific subject area of the thesis.
  • Research paper sent to a high-impact scientific journal
    Students must send at least one paper on their thesis work and findings to an ISI-JCR-indexed journal on the specific subject area of the thesis.
  • Attendance at seminars or lectures given by experts in the subject area
    Attendance at one seminar or lecture per year given by an expert in the subject area and organised by the PhD programme itself, or recommended by the programme heads.
  • Giving a seminar on the research project
    An internal seminar for the research group, not included in the area of assessment.


Optional activities:


  • Language course or course on teaching through the medium of English
    During their PhD studies students may take the English courses offered by the UAB Language Service.
  • Course on entrepreneurship and business
    Students take a course on entrepreneurship offered by the UAB Graduate School or another institution previously accepted by the programme. In order to be considered valid this course must be taken during the PhD studies.
  • Course on intellectual and industrial property
    Students take a course on intellectual and industrial property offered by the UAB Graduate School or another institution that has been approved by the doctoral programme’s academic committee.
    In order to be considered valid this course must be taken during the PhD studies.
  • Teaching assistance
    Teaching problem-based classes in the classroom or laboratory on undergraduate courses.
    In order to be considered valid, a minimum of 60 officially programmed hours must be taught during the PhD studies.
  • Research stays in public or private centres, at home or abroad
    Students may opt to undertake a stay at a research centre in another country. In the annual review of the student's activities document, the doctoral programme’s academic committee will determine whether this activity has been completed successfully. Undertaking this activity is not a condition for authorising the defence of the thesis.
  • Symposiums for young researchers
    Presentation given at a symposium for young researchers.
    In order to be considered valid, students must give one such presentation during their PhD studies.

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