Training activities

The PhD programmes include research training that is both transferrable and specific to the area of each programme and consists of both compulsory and optional activities.

All the activities that the PhD student must complete are recorded in an activities document, but in any case there are compulsory activities that must be completed in the first academic years. It may also include transferrable activities offered by the same university.

Other professional who are not PhD holders may participate in these activities as long as they hold a relevant qualification in the corresponding area.

You can also do other mobility, under the Erasmus programme, both studies and internships. Check the information in the corresponding links.

To include these activities in your academic record, please check this video (click on the subtitle icon at the bottom right corner).

The activities programmed for the this PhD programme are as follows:

  • Production of a research article for a high impact scientific journal, among which the usual ones in this discipline are: Social Sciences Citation Index, CARHUS Plus+, CIRC, In- RECS, IN-RESH, Journal Citation Reports, Latindex, Social Sciences Citation Index, SCOPUS.
    This activity should be carried out in the third year of the programme under the guidance of the PhD thesis supervisor.
  • Attendance at doctoral working groups
    Presentation of the thesis project at the  “Research as a process" seminar. Each student must attend in the second or third year. The aim is to present and discuss aspects related to the topic selected for study, methodology, objectives, difficulties encountered, etc. This activity is carried out in the presence of the lecturers and other students on the PhD programme.
  • Presentation of a paper or poster at a national or international conference
    As long as partial results are available students are encouraged to present papers in specialist conferences.
  • Attendance at seminars or conferences given by experts in the field of knowledge
    Three conferences or seminar per academic year with specialists and researchers in the professional and academic field.

  • Research period in public or private national or foreign research centres (second and third year)
    The UAB and the Department of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising have a long tradition of organising mobility activities.
  • Participation in collaborative meetings between research groups
    Attendance at activities related to current research by the lecturers on the PhD programme. The results, methodologies and problems arising during this research are presented.
  • Participation in internal seminars of the departmental research groups
    GRIS organises meetings and seminars on a national and international level. Each year a specialist session is planned with research teams presenting the results of their work. 

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