2nd year enrolment

Follow these stages for details about online-assisted enrolment

When does online-assisted enrolment start?

Consult the period when you may register for enrolment here

Online-assisted enrolment must be made in the allotted day and time.

Information about payment options is here.

Calculate the cost of your tuition and instalments with the tuition simulator

Get everything ready before starting the online-assisted enrolment process

Consult the modules and programme units you will have to enrol here.

Check your eligibility for financial aid or scholarship here. Make sure you are aware of the designated period for the certifying documents to be submitted to Academic Services.

Online registration

Access the registration for enrolment online process here

Find more information in the online registration guide.

Formalise enrolment / tuition payment

Academic Services will send you, by E-mail, proof of enrolment based on details of your application for admission. Type of payment will depend on your option of choice (in full or in instalments) and must be made from the 7th day after registering.


In case of having any questions, contact Academic Services at formacio.professional@uab.cat or by phone at +34935929710 o or booking an appointment.