Homologation in temporary situations

Special situations

This section explains the temporary situations that may arise in the recognition of foreign studies.  

1. Interested parties who have completed studies abroad and have not been able to start the homologation procedure because they have not yet finished the studies that gave them access who reside in Catalonia. 

To present accrediting documentation, if the student has not yet completed these studies at the time of pre-enrolment and therefore has not been able to start the homologation procedure. 

It is possible to present a declaration of responsibility that has the same effects for the pre-enrolment process as the presentation of the conditional enrolment form, which demonstrates that the accreditation process has been initiated. 

Through this declaration, the applicant declares that he/she is studying a non-university degree in a foreign education system that he/she considers comparable to the qualification required to access the course, and that he/she has not been able to present the application for recognition, because the studies to be recognised finish after the pre-enrolment period and that they undertake to present the "Volant d'inscripció condicional" (conditional enrolment form) at the time of enrolment, in accordance with the homologation procedure. 

Responsible declaration for pre-enrolment. 

2. Beneficiaries of temporary protection regimes 

According to the "Royal Decree 104/1988 of 29 January 1988 on the recognition and validated credit transfer of foreign qualifications and studies in non-university education (as amended by), the Second Transitional Provision", The beneficiaries of temporary protection regimes may, exceptionally and for the purposes of initiating the procedure, replace the documentation required in article 7 with a declaration of responsibility. 

A Declaration of Responsibility is understood to be the document signed by the interested party in which they state that they fulfil the requirements of the current regulations in order to be able, under their own responsibility, to access a right, or exercise it. 

The student declares they have the documentation that guarantees this and undertake to comply by providing the documentation during the period of time necessary for its recognition or its exercise. In other words, the student undertakes to comply with these undertakings throughout the duration of the activity. 

Declaration of Responsibility depending on study type  

Baccalaureate studies: Declaration of Responsibility document for baccalaureate students 

Vocational training courses: Declaration of Responsibility for vocational training