Cancellations and modifications

Tuition deposit cancellation

The tuition deposit will only be refunded if the program is cancelled, or if an error attributable to the center has been made. It will also be refunded in the case of non-EU students whose visa application has been denied. (Documentary proof of this is needed.) 

Exceptionally, a refund of the tuition deposit may be considered before the start of the enrollment period, provided the interested party shows that unexpected and duly justified causes make it impossible for the student to follow the course normally.

Enrollment cancellation 

Generally, enrollment cancellation requests are only accepted in exceptional and unexpected cases (such as serious illness or accident), it must be duly justified and make it impossible for the interested party to follow the course normally. 

If the application is submitted within the first 30 days after the enrollment, if a refund is authorized, 35% of the total amount of the tuition will be retained to cover general expenses (delivery of documentation, place reservation and administration expenses).

Outside of this period, if a refund is authorized, 35% of the total amount of the tuition will be retained to cover general expenses, plus the proportional amount of the tuition corresponding to the course period elapsed.

Only for duly justified exceptional cases of exceptional gravity, the student may request to the direction of the center, both within and outside the period established for cancellations, the refund of an amount higher than what is set out in the preceding paragraphs. With a favorable reasoned report from the direction of the studies, the direction of the center will resolve the amount to be returned (up to the maximum amount paid excluding the enrollment fee).

Start procedure

Enrollment cancellation with installment payments

In the event that the student applying for the enrollment cancelation has a pending payment (a debt with the center), the student must pay the amount that will not be refunded according to our cancellation policy. Otherwise, the student will have an economic default with all its consequences.

Modification, extension and/or partial cancellation of registration

To modify, expand or partially cancel registration you need to fill in the Enrolment modification application and pay the fee set by the centre for modifications before 31 October of the current academic year.

Cancellation of the programme

The center reserves the right to exceptionally cancel the program in the event that there is not a sufficient number of candidates or for another justified reason.