Consequences of outstanding payment

If you pre-enrol but do not pay the place reservation fee: 

Your pre-enrolment will not have been formalised and if we run out of places, you will not be able to enrol. 

If you have chosen to pay in instalments and have paid the second instalment by direct debit: 

In the case of returned payments, the student will have to pay the costs for the management of the unpaid amount as well as the interest charged by the financial institution on the unpaid amount (penalty of 30 euros). 

Consequences of non-payment of the enrolment fee 

Failure to pay the enrolment fee within the established deadline will result in a financial default status on your file, in accordance with the centre’s regulations. 

In all cases, it is essential to pay any outstanding fees and the corresponding costs as a prerequisite to formalise any new enrolment and/or apply for any academic service (certificates, qualifications, credit transfers, etc.).