Training in work centres 

Practical training is carried out in companies that have an international presence or undertake international activities, in the case of the Higher Vocational Diploma in International Trade. One of the main objectives of the vocational training courses is training to ensure qualified exercise of this profession. Work placements are the first point of entry into the world of work. 

During the months of training in work centres, there is no theoretical teaching in the classroom. The student's time in the company is supervised at all times by a work placement tutor from the centre, who is in constant contact with the student and the company tutor. 

Upon completion of the workplace training, the student will be able to add this training to their curriculum vitae as the start of their professional career. 

For more information, please consult the regulations. 

The purpose of workplace training (FCT) in the Higher Vocational Training courses on International Trade and Transport and Logistics is to bring students into contact with the working reality in the sector. 

The objectives of workplace training, in relation to the students, are as follows: 

  1. Develop the curricular learning acquired within a working environment. 
  2. Contrast skills and interests within a real work environment to facilitate career guidance. 
  3. Become involved in the functions and work processes in the framework of the social and labour relations that take place in companies and entities. 
  4. Acquire new knowledge and skills related to the learning objectives established in the curriculum for the courses being taken. 
  5. Acquire knowledge and skills for the transition to active life and labour integration. 

The training cooperation agreement is formalised between the company, the student and the centre and is compulsory for external work placements. 

No student, under any circumstances, can start a work placement without the corresponding agreement being in place. This is the document that, among other things, guarantees correct coverage in the event of an accident.   

All work placement agreements for studies at the UAB Foundation Vocational Training Centre must be managed through the UAB Foundation Work Placement and Job Bank Unit

Signing of academic cooperation agreements 

Agreements must be signed with a digital certificate. You can apply for a digital certificate at IdCAT

This monitoring is reflected in the student's work experience booklet and it is the responsibility of the student to carry out this monitoring: 

At their academic institution 

  •     With their vocational training coordinator or equivalent. 
  •     With their work placement tutors. 

At the company 

A company tutor responsible for following up with the work experience tutor at the academic institution. 

At the Department of Education 

The coordinators of vocational education and training authorise the training agreements and provide the necessary support to monitor the work placement. 

I have found a company to undertake workplace training in. What do I have to do? 

You have to contact the person in charge of the FCT module and the Work Placement and Job Bank Unit and submit the company data request document and the proposed activity plan. Once your placement has has been authorised and the data verified, the agreement will be formalised. 

When can I start my work placement? 

As soon as the agreement is signed by the three signatories, while respecting the start date stated in the agreement. 

I have a formal agreement and I would like to know if I have the right to holidays, bank holidays and exam days. 

Holidays or bank holidays must be agreed with the company or institution. With regard to exam days, tutorials and other academic activities, given that internships must be fully compatible with studies, students have the right to take them, although they may cause the agreement to be extended to cover unworked hours. 

Can I do a work placement in a field other than that of my degree? 

No, the activity plan must be related to the studies you are taking.